Dead baboon on Display

Baboon Escaping From NAF Hacked to Death, Hung for Public Spectacle

In what appears to be man’s consistent rape and disruption of the ecosystem, a full grown baboon, apparently separated from its kit and kin on account of property reclamation by the Nigerian Air Force (NAF), was chased down and hacked to death in Alagbado, a community in Eyenkorin, a suburb of Ilorin.

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A mob was whipped up at sighting the beast and in no time it was chased down with cutlasses, hoes, clubs and codgers until it was cornered and bludgeoned to death.
Its remains, as at Sunday evening, was left hanging on an electricity pole along Eyenkorin expressway for public spectacle.

Indeed, there has been much frenzy in the local communities in the area over the hunt and kill. Residents of Alagbado has been visiting the area to take photos with their phones and other gadget while gushing with stories on how the baboon, a full grown male, was chased down and killed after it sought refuge in the house of an old lady in the vicinity.

“We had to chase it for almost a kilometer away from Nasfat (an area some meters from the Ilorin International Airport), ” stated Abdulganiyu Ibrahim, a commercial motorcyclist.

According to him, the creature came out of nowhere from the recently reclaimed NAF, property in the area attempting to cross the highway alone.

Alagbado community has been at loggerheads with NAF over claims of what has been earmarked by federal government for NAF base in Ilorin.

Baboons are pack animals, which suggests that the recent reclamation of the area in Alagbado by NAF and its consequent demarcation of its property by digging massive moats around it, may have forced the animal into the open.

Ibrahim Alaro, a driver, said he first encountered the baboon, or maybe one of its relatives, four months ago while trying to cross the highway.

“Until I saw it myself, I didn’t quite believe reports of the animal in our area,” he said.

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