Chibok Girls: One Year After, Nigerian Army Storm Sambisa Forest

Army Lied Again! Rescued Girls Aren’t Chibok Girls – and their Parents are Livid

Army Lied Again, the Rescued Aren't Chibok Girls

Army Lied Again, the Rescued Aren’t Chibok Girls

Nigerian Army spokesman Sani Usman said that the 200 girls rescued on Tuesday, 28 April 2015 from the camp of Boko Haram in Sambisa Forest were not the Chibok Girls.

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For their dashed hope, the parents of the Chibok girls are livid, claiming they’ve been “caught up in a political game” and accusing the Nigerian government of lying “few times” and lacking “credibility.”

“When we heard of the rescue we thought it was our girls. Parents kept contacting one another, hoping to get confirmation that their daughters were the ones rescued,” said Enoch Mark, whose daughter and niece are among the abducted school girls.

“However, it is not surprising to me that our hopes have been dashed. This has happened several times. The government has lied a few times. To us, the government no longer has credibility.”

Another very angry and disappointed parent, Pogo Bitrus, whose four nieces are among the captives, equally had strong word of indictment for the Nigerian Army.

“The issue is if the military has the capacity now, why didn’t they do it before? We are an unfortunate bunch caught up in a political game. It is unfortunate that we find ourselves in this situation. They have played with people’s lives and messed people up.”

When the Nigerian Army broke the news of the rescue on Tuesday, Xclusive Magazine reported that Nigerians were cautiously optimistic because it was the third time the military would claim to have rescued the girls, and it was then a ruse…and now for the third time, it’s all bullocks.

However, we must give it to the Army that when they made the audacious rescue claim it was from a fence-sitting position, as they were smart enough not to specify that the girls rescued were the Chibok School girls, as evident in this news flash on the Nigerian Army Headquarters’ Twitter timeline below:

But then the announcement left so much room for Nigerians and the international community to draw their own conclusions.