Pop duo, Psquare

Another Psquare Squabbles? Paul Claims All Psquare’s Major Hits

The last time we checked, Psquare meant ‘two’, yes two twin guys who have taken entertainment in Nigeria to a high level with their chart topping hits!

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Now, if what we have seen this morning via Paul Okoye’s “rudeboy” (half of the Pop duo, Psquare) Twitter and Instagram timelines is anything to go by, there might be some family squabbles we are just not yet aware.

For why would one person openly take credits for all hit songs released and performed as a duo? Some years back when P-square granted XCLUSIVE Magazine an interview, they spoke as one family. So what has changed?

We suspect Paul is giving a swipe at his other half, Peter, who fell off stage while performing at the Triple 9 Concert on Tuesday, 30 September 2014? Or What other meaning can we read into his claims?

If that happens to be the case, it will not be good news to their millions of fans all over the world. We might be wrong though…

But below are a few of Paul Okoye’s tweets. We leave you to make up your minds.

Bringing the behind the scenes of my best 40 songs of psquare and the brains behind the success of each song

The internationally acclaimed Do Me….was dreaming one night and I woke up singing this song…then j.matins was at our place .., called him,woke my twin brother up and told them I think I have a HIT …and it was a dream come true

E no easy by psquare….a wonderful song…produced by j.matinz ..written by me performed by psquare…,some say is a gospel music…but is a reality of what we do as psquare

Psquares all time biggest wedding song..written by me …produced by me and performed by me…a very good example of an ever-green song..years to years to come, this song will still be bumping and I know u all love it. (Here he is talking about the song, “No One Like You.”)

Psquare ft Dave Scott ….this is a very good example of a good song, produced by me,written by me and performed by me…we already shot the video …..so watch out for it. #mybest40songsofp2

One song I regretted we never did the video is Forever…..a love song,a very good song….written by me, produced by me and performed by me…is a special song especially for the ladies

Personally …presenty the highest view video on YouTube coming from Africa- guess who wrote and produced – don’t take is personal… Me.

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