Princess Ajudua & Rented Warehouse

Ajudua Sued Over Unpaid Rent on Akwukwu Igbo Church, Can’t Pay Pastor’s Salary

Princess Pat Ajudua has been sued over two Hundred and Forty Thousand Naira (N240,000) unpaid rent on her Christ Restoration Chapel at 42 Oligbo Quarters, Akwukwu Igbo in Oshimili North Local Governmet Area of Delta State, XCLUSIVE MAGAZINE can authoritatively reveal.

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The Suit No: ONACC/32/2018, which was exclusively obtained by XCLUSIVE MAGAZINE, was filed by the Landlord, Nkem Emmanuel Emetanjo on 5 October 2018. Mr Emetanjo is claiming that “the defendant pays monthly rent of N20,000 (Twenty Thousand Naira Only)” and that the Chief Whip of Delta State House of Assembly, “is in arrears of 12 month rent from October 2017 to September 2018 to N240,000 (Two Hundred and Forty Thousand Naira) and has failed, refused, neglected to pay same despite the repeated demand by the plaintiff.”

Ajudua Sued Over Unpaid Rent on Akwukwu Igbo Church, Can’t Pay Pastor’s Salary

THe Building that houses Pat Ajudua’s Christ Restoration Chapel on the ground floor warehouse

XCLUSIVE MAGAZINE reliably gathered that the rented warehouse is in the books of the Delta State Government as Ajudua’s Constituency office, and paid for by the government, but instead she uses it to house her Christ Restoration Chapel, with a resident pastor. Unfortunately, the church is unable to cough out the rent by itself. That aside, the Delta State House of Assembly member is also owing the Church Pastor over 8 months’ salary. This is because, as Bishop of the Church and the General Overseer, Ajudua runs Christ Restoration Chapel as her private fiefdom. She pockets whatever money that comes in: tithes, offerings and donations.

“She is not only owing rent, she is yet to pay the Pastor his stipend for months,” said a reliable source close to Ajudua and who is in the known on how the Church administration works.

We gathered that the wife of Chief Fred Ajudua has been having a running battle with her landlord for refusing to pay rent. “Each time I demand for the rent from her, it was one excuse or the other: it was either that one of her staff died or she had PDP election primaries, or that her son was getting married. I got fed up with her flimsy excuses,” Nkem Emmanuel Emetanjo, who is the Landlord of the said property, told XCLUSIVE MAGAZINE.

The Landlord’s patience eventually ran out and he took Mrs Ajudua to area customary court Akwukwu Igbo to recover unpaid N240,000 rent from her. XCLUSIVE MAGAZINE understands that when the writ of summon was issued, Ajudua invaded service. And after the bailiff made “three unsuccessful attempts to effect personal service on the Defendant, but met her absence,” Mr Emetanjo returned to court to file motion ex parte before Ajudua was eventually served.

When the case was finally heard in court on 20 November 2018, Ajudua’s lawyer, Abel Asiaodu claimed that he had just been briefed and asked to be given more time to prepare her defence. He also told the court that he intended to explore the option of out-of-court settlement. The case was adjourned to 22 January 2019.

Ajudua Sued Over Unpaid Rent on Akwukwu Igbo Church, Can’t Pay Pastor’s Salary

Motion Ex-Parte Against Princess Pat Ajudua

We gathered that at the behest of Ajudua’s Lawyer, Mr Emetanjo and Mrs Ajudua have had one out-of-court settlement meeting by a telephone conversation, but that meeting did not end well. Adankele, as Pat Ajudua is fondly called by her admirers, had demanded that her Landlord must first withdraw the case before she would pay the rent arrears. Emetanjo felt that Ajudua was not only arrogant but out of date with out-of-court settlement procedures since she has never practised law since she was called to bar in over 20 years.

“You are the debtor here. As a debtor tenant, you are not in a position to give the Landlord terms, rather it should be the other way round. So, for me to withdraw the case, you must first settle the debt you owe me,” Emetanjo had schooled Ajudua as a matter-of-factly.

Ajudua is currently seeking a fourth term to the Delta State House of Assembly under the platform of People’s Democratic Party against the wishes of her Oshimili North constituency who are very unhappy the way she has frittered away over One Billion Naira (N1billion) Constituency Allowance in 12 years.

Attempts to reach Mrs Ajudua was unsuccessful.

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