Barrister Princess Pat Ajudua

Ajudua Masterminded Igbuya’s Impeachment

Mrs Pat Princess Ajudua, representing Oshimili North in the Delta State House of Assembly, is one of the criminal masterminds behind the impeachment coup plot that brought down Hon. Monday Igbuya.

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XCLUSIVE MAGAZINE gathered on credible authority that the wife of Barrister Fred Ajudua hosted the meeting where the plan to oust Igbuya was fine-tuned and concretised. Like every coup plot, the meeting was held in the wee hours of Thursday morning at Mrs Ajudua’s palatial home in Asaba, and as early as 4am the meeting had ended for the coup plotters to reconvene at the House of Assembly as early as 6am for the impeachment proceedings.

A very credible source told XCLUSIVE MAGAZINE that it was at the meeting in Ajudua’s house that the 22 members out 29 members of the House of Assembly signed the impeachment notice. Thereafter, they were all forced to swear an oath of secrecy with the Holy Bible, presented to each plotter by Mrs Ajudua, a Barrister.

The reliable source further told XCLUSIVE MAGAZINE that Hon Ajudua, who recently received a mock Award as the worst lawmaker in Delta State House of Assembly for her failure so far to bring any meaningful development to her Oshimili North constituency, was the third person to sign the impeachment notice after Hon. Friday Osanebi, Deputy Speaker of the Delta State House of Assembly and de facto ringleader of the impeachment plot and Mr. Peter Onwusanya, representing Oshimili South. It was agreed at the meeting that rather than Mrs Ajudua, Johnson Erijo should be the one to move the motion for Igbuya’s impeachment. Hon. Erijo is now the majority leader.

XCLUSIVE MAGAZINE gathered from a State Government insider source that it was Governor Okowa that initiated the impeachment plan, and identified Hon. Osenabi as the perfect arrow head to execute it, and that he (Okowa) had instructed Osanebi at their 10pm meeting held last Saturday at Government Lodge in Lagos to “carry Princess Ajudua along.”

Ajudua Masterminded Igbuya's ImpeachmentGuess What Okowa Is Discussing with Hon. Friday Osanebi & Hon. Michael Diden (Ejele)

There are conflicting reports as to why Okowa was hell-bent on removing Igbuya even though on the outside he pretended he had no issues with the former speaker. One source told XCLUSIVE MAGAZINE that Igbuya was too close to ex-convict Chief James Ibori and Dr. Ighoyota Amori in a way that made Okowa very uncomfortable and possibly undermined his total control of the House of Assembly. Another source, said it was a simple case of Hon. Monday Igbuya not being Okowa’s “dream choice for Speaker.”

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