10 Ridiculously Luxurious Versions of Everyday Objects

1. 22-Carat Gold Toilet Paper ($1.3 million)

22-Carat Gold Toilet Paper
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What does a man need when he already owns a toilet made of solid gold? Golden toilet paper of course. An Australian company called Toilet Paper Man created a special roll of 3-ply toilet paper made out of 22-carat gold! This absurdly expensive roll of toilet paper will flake as you use it, leaving your rear end literally sparkling clean. Whoever buys this gold toilet paper gets it delivered personally along with a bottle of champagne. Price: $1.3 million (1,733,333x the normal cost of toilet paper)

2. Falke Vicuña Socks ($1,150)

Falke Vicuña Socks

People will pay a lot of money for comfortable socks, but this is ridiculous. A Germany company called Falke decided to create a series of incredibly comfortable (and equally rare) socks made from the hair of the vicuña, a wild animal in South America that’s related to the llama and alpaca. Because these animals are endangered, it has become the most expensive fabric in the world. Only 10 pairs of these luxury socks were available for sale, and all of them are brown, because the fabric is too sensitive to dye. Price: $1,150 (460x the normal cost of dress socks)

3. Trek Butterfly Madone Bicycle ($500,000)

Trek Butterfly Madone Bicycle

If you’ve ever shopped for a performance bicycle, then you’ll know that they are very expensive. Even so, the most expensive bike ever sold makes those price look like chump change. The Trek Butterfly Madone Bicycle is the one that Lance Armstrong used in the 2009 Tour de France and was decorated by Damien Hirst with real butterfly wings along the frame and rims. The bike was sold at a charity auction in honor of Lance Armstrong’s return to cycling after beating cancer. Price: $500,000 (250x the normal cost of a performance racing bike)

4. Happy Hacking Professional HG JAPAN Keyboard ($4,400)

Happy Hacking Professional HG JAPAN Keyboard

The Happy Hacking Professional HG JAPAN is the most expensive computer keyboard in the world. Compared to high-tech gaming keyboards it’s not much to look at, but it’s definitely luxurious. The design is reduced down to 60 essential keys, and the components are top-notch. However, the keys are hand coated with multiple layers of Urushi lacquer using a brush made from the hairs of virgins. Price: $4,400 (88x the normal cost of a mechanical keyboard)

5. Plantronics Discovery 925 Jeweled Bluetooth Headset ($50,000)

Plantronics Discovery 925 Jeweled Bluetooth Headset

The Plantronics Discovery 925 was once known as the best Bluetooth headset in the world for style and performance, so the company decided to create an even fancier version to auction off for charity. The device is coated in 18-carat gold and studded with a large number of small, but high-quality diamonds pearls. Price: $50,000 (640x the normal cost of a bluetooth headset)

6. Billionaire Couture Crocodile Skin Umbrella ($50,000)

Billionaire Couture Crocodile Skin Umbrella

Anything coming from a company called Billionaire Couture is bound to be expensive. Italian racing tycoon Flavio Briatore and designer Angelo Galasso paired up to create this company that offers products for extremely wealthy men. This crocodile skin umbrella is one of its more ridiculous offerings. It’s made completely from top quality, water-resistant crocodile skin that supposedly won’t turn inside out due to the weight. Price: $50,000 (1,600x the normal cost of an umbrella)

8. Aurora Diamante Fountain Pen ($1.3 Million)

Aurora Diamante Fountain Pen

Anyone using a fountain pen is already pretty fancy, but only the fanciest can afford to buy the Aurora Diamante. This special fountain pen is created with a solid platinum barrel, a rhodium-treated 18-carat gold nib, and then coated with 30 carats of De Beers diamonds. The final touch is that the pen is personalized for the owner with a coat of arms, signature, or portrait. Price: $1.3 Million (32,500x the normal cost of a fountain pen set)

9. Acqua di Cristallo Tributo a Modigliani Bottled Water ($60,000)

Acqua di Cristallo Tributo a Modigliani Bottled Water

Bottled water already seems overpriced at a dollar per bottle, but this luxury version is just ridiculous! This unique bottle was designed by the same man who also designed the most expensive liquor bottle, Fernando Altamirano. It is made from crystal and 24-carat solid gold, and comes with a leather case. The water itself is sourced from France and Fiji, and it’s mixed with 5mg of gold dust. Price: $60,000 (60,000x the normal cost of bottled water)

10. Nesmuk Diamond Studded Chef Knife ($40,000)

Nesmuk Diamond Studded Chef Knife

Professional chef knives can be very expensive, and this one is the most expensive of them all. Designer Quintin Nel partnered with Hoffmann/Pieper to create a collection of luxury hand-crafted knives under the Nemusk brand name. This one particular chef knife is made from Damascus steel and features a handle studded with a number of select diamonds. Price: $40,000 (2,000x the normal cost of a chef knife)

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